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Welcome to Trotters Tiny Yorkies in Oklahoma! 

For over 20+ years I have been raising Traditional Yorkies at affordable prices for everyone.  I found the best reliable Yorkie Breeders to buy my dogs from to have the best foundation for my Yorkies.  My Yorkies originated from the top Yorkie breeders of the nation.  

I specialize in the Tiny, Teacup, Traditional Yorkies with price range for everyone.  

Yorkies are the cutest little dogs you can own.  They make great family pets and can be taken anywhere.  My Yorkies are small and make great lap dogs.

Now is the time to buy a Yorkie Puppy without paying a fortune for one.  


Please see our Yorkie Puppies For Sale!

We are located in the proximity between Dallas and Oklahoma City

Buy an Affordable Yorkie from Trotters Tiny Yorkies.

Trotters Tiny Yorkies